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You are Perfect for Me In Every Way

You are Perfect for Me In Every Way

You are Perfect for Me In Every Way


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A Relationship Is Like
Apologizing Doesnt Mean You are Weak - It Means You Recognize Your Error And Care About The Relation...
Familky We May Not Have It All Together
First We Had Each Other - Then We Had You - Now We Have Everything
How To Build A Lasting Realtionship
I Think One of the Greatest Feelings In the World Is When Someone Openly Tells You How Much You Mean...
Relationship Never Die A Natural Death - They are Murdered By Ego - Attitude And Ignorance
Relationship are Always
The Best Feeling in the World is - When You Look at that Special Person - And They Are Already Smili...
The Best Thing to Spend On your Relationship Is Time - Converstion - Understanding - and Honesty
When You And I Stand Strong Together - No One Here on Earth Can Stop Us
Make a Relation With Someone - who is not only Proud to have you but will take Every Risk to be with...

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