No Matter How Busy A Person is

No Matter How Busy A Person is  – If They Really Care – They Will Always Find the Time For You

A Goal Without a Plan is Just A Wish
Always Trust Your Gut Feelings
Appreciate What you Have
Be Thankful for the difficult
Beautiful Things Happen When You Distance Yourself from the Negative Things and Persons
Dont Expect Anyone to Understand
EveryBody Needs Somebody
Everything will be Okay In the End - If Its Not Okay then Its Not the End
For You - I Was A Chapter - For Me - You Were The Book
God Bless You-1
Have A Lovely Day-2
Have A Nice Day-6
I Have No Memory Of You
I Want to Run Away
It Seems When You Want Someone
Its Because Of you That I Wasted So Many Years
Its Not About WHo is Real
Its You vs You
Life Begins At the End of Yours Comfort Zone-1
Never Get So Busy Making-1
Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved
Nothing Is Worth It
Once You Feel You Are Avoided By Someone - Never Disturb Them Again
People Change, Feelings Change
Quality is Everyone's Responsibility
Since You Were Just On My Mind
Sometimes It Is Very Hard-1
Sometimes You Have to Look
Take A Deep Breath
The Biggest Failure You Can Have In Life is Making The Mistake of Never Trying At All
The Harder You Work The Lucker You Get
Time Decides Who You Meet
We Rise By Lifting Others
Where There is Life
Your Inner Beauty Never Need Makeup
Self Confidence is the Best Outfit Rock it and Own It

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