You never Know How Strong You are Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have-1

You never Know How Strong You are Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have

Appreciate Everything that You Have-1
Catchsmile Images-1
Dont Expect Anything in Life
Dont Make Decisions When You are Angry - Dont Make Promise When You are Happy
Doubt Kills More Dreams
Every ccomplishment Starts With the Decision To Try
Find The Time - Take The Time
Giving Up Doesnt Mean You are Weak - Sometimes It Mean That You are Strong Enough To Let Go-1
Have A Nice Day-2
He is Mine - She Is Mine
I Am Not Perfect - But I Am Honest Person
I Am Not So Strong Anymore
I Can Picture It But Never Explain
I Dont Like It When Other
I Love Sleeping Because
If You Are Confident - You are Beautiful
Its Nice to Have Someone Who Really Care
Life is Too Short-2
Never Give Up on Anybody
Never Give Up-1
People Laugh Coz I am Different
Please Stay Forever With Me
Positive Thinking Isnt About Expecting
Stay Close To Anything That Makes You Glad You Are Alive
The Only Time You Should Ever Look Back - Is To See How Far You've Come
Together Forever
Work Hard And Be Proud Of What You Achieve
You Must Find The Place Inside Yourself
You Often Meet Your Fate On the Road You Take To Avoid It
You Will Never Find the right Person - If You Never Let go Of the Wrong
Good Peoples Bring Out the Good in People
The Roots Of Education are bitter - but the fruit is sweet
We Are All In The Same Game - Just Different Levels - Dealing with the Same Hell - Just Different De...
Being Defeated is Often A Temporary Condition - Giving Up Is What Makes It Permanent
Mistakes Increase Your Experience And Experience Decreases Your Mistakes - If you Learn From Your Mi...
Sometimes Its Hard to Open Your Hand - But You Need to

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