Merry Christmas-57

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If I Could Give You Onething In Life - I Would Give You The Ability ot See Yourself Through My Eyes ...
Happy Saturday
Be Patient - Everything is Coming Together
Nobody Really Cares If You Are Miserable So You Might As Well Be Happy
Think Positively - Exercise Daily - Eat Healthy - Work Smartly Be Strong
Saturday Is So Good-1
Have a Wonderful Saturday - God Bless You
Good Morning Wishing you a Very Happy Saturday
Distance Isnt An issue Because in the end - I Have You
Wake Up With Determination - Go to Bed With Satisfaction
This Christmas I Am Trying to Save a Tree By Sending You A Digital Card - Have A Very Merry Christma...
Merry Christmas-50
Have A Merry Little Christmas
Gifts Of Time And Love are Surely The Basic Ingredients Of a Truly - Merry Christmas
The Magic Of Christmas is Not In The Presents But In His Presence-1
Merry Christmas-55
May You Have New Hopes - Aspirations- and Resoultions for the Coming Year - Have a Happy New Year
If Someone Isnt Available During your Most Crucial Time - Then Their presence Any Other Time Is Usel...
Strong People Always Have their Life in Order - Even With Tears In their Eyes They Still Manage To S...
No Matter How Busy A Person Is - If They Really Care - They Will Always Find time For You
When You Love Make Sure You Love With Your Whole Heart
When I Found You I Stopped Searching For Anything Else Because You Were All I Ever Needed
Good Morning - As You Open Your Eyes to The New Day That is Waiting - Welcome the Morning With a Smi...
A Real Friend Means the World - A Wonderful Sometimes InComprehensible But Still Close and Dear One ...

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