Life is so Much Brighter When We Focus on what truly Matters-1

Life is so Much Brighter When We Focus on what truly Matters

For Everything You Have Missed - You Have Gained Something Else - And For Everything You Gain - You ...
Its Time to Start Living The Life - You Have Only Imagined
Life is A Journey Not A Race
Life is Beautiful-1
Live Life to The Fullest
Time is Like A River - You Cannot Touch the Same Water Twice - Because The Flow that Has Passed Will...
You Have To Fight through Some Bad Days to Earn the Best Days Of Your Life-1
You Will Never Change Your Life Until You Change Something You Do Daily - The Secret Of Your Success...
Life Is 10 % of What Happens to You - and 90% of How You React To It
You Were Given This Life - Because You Are Strong Enough to Live It-1
I Believe That Sometimes the Bad Times in our Life Put us on a Direct Path to The Very Best Times In...
Beautiful Things Happen in Your Life When You Distance Yourself from all the Negativity and Drama

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