Life is Very Complicated

Life is Very Complicated – Dont Try To Find Answers Because When You Find Answers Life Changes The Questions

Dont Live Your Life With Angry and Hate In You Heart - You Will Only Be Hurting Yourself More Than T...
If I Had My Life to Live Again - I'd Find You Sooner-1
LIfe is So Much Brighter When We Focus On What Truly Matters
Life Is Not About Waiting For the Storm To Pass - Its About Learning To Dance in the Rain
Life is Nothing Without Love-1
Life is Short - Time is Fast - No Reply - No Rewind - So Enjoy Every Moment As It Comes
Stop Wishing Your Life Was Different and Live the One You have - Because Its the Only One You have G...
The Stupidest Mistake In Life is thinking the One who hurt you the Most Wont Hurt You Again
Your Life Does Not Get Better By Chance - It Get Better By Change
Tomorrow will be a new chapter in my life - this book is getting very interesting
Enjoy Life Today - Yesterday Is Gone & Tomorrow May Never Come
Life is Too Short To Tolerate Things That Dont Make You Happy

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