Life is Beautiful-4

Life is Beautiful

Life Is Too Short - To Wait For that One True Love to Come
Life is Beautiful-2
Life is LIke a Staircase - You Have to Go Up Each Stair To Reach The Top
Life is Like A Sea - We Are Moving Without End - Nothing stay With Us - What Remain Is Just the Memo...
Life is Your Mirror - What You See As Your Outside - Always Comes From Your Inside
We Just Have to Accept The Fact that - Some People Are Going to Stay In Our Hearts Even If They Dont...
When A Prayer becomes your Habit - Miracles become Your Life Style
Where There Is Love There is Life - So - My Life is With You
You Were Given This Life - Because You Are Strong Enough to Live It
You have to fight through Some Bad Days to earn the Best Days of Your Life
In Life What You Really Want Will Never Come Easy
I Cant Wait to Spend the Rest oF My Life With You

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