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Life is Beautiful-4

Life is Beautiful-4

Life is Beautiful


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Erasing Yourself From Somebodys Life is not as Simple as Walking out the Door
I Wokeup - I Have Clothes to Wear - I Have Running Water - I have Food to Eat - Life is Good I Am Th...
Its Time to Start Living The Life - You Have Only Imagined
Life Moves Pretty Fast - If You Dont Stop And Look Around Once In A While You Could Miss It
Life is Your Mirror - What You See As Your Outside - Always Comes From Your Inside
People Always think that the most painful thing in life is losing the one your value - The truth is ...
Some People Come in Your life as Blessings - Others Come In Your Life As Lessons
The Good Things In Life are Better With You
The Purpose of Life is to Enjoy Every Moments
You Never Know When A Moment And A Few Sincere Words Can Have An Impact On A Life Forever
Each Day is Another Chance to Change Your Life
I Dont Want A Perfect Life - I Want a Happy Life

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