I Fell In Love With You Not for How You look – Just For Who You are-1

I Fell In Love With You Not for How You look – Just For Who You are

Be Honest With The People Who Love You - They Deserve Your Honesty
From The Bottom of My Heart - To The Tips of My Toes - I Love You
I Cant Spend A Day Without You - Do You Even Have a Clue - That I So Love You - Yes It is True - I R...
I Love You Always Near And Far - Closer Together Everywhere I Will Be With You Everything I Will Do ...
I Love You More and More Each Day
I Love You With All My Heart - Love You More
I Love You-105
I Love You-110
I Love You-137
I Love You-163
I Love You-181
I Love You-205
I Love You-21
I Love You-213
I Love You-298
I Love You-304
I Love You-323
I Love You-348
I Love You-356
I Love You-364
I Love You-380
I Love You-400
I Love You-409
I Love You-41
I Love You-446
I Love You-459
I Love You-507
I Love You-540
I Love You-543
I Love You-558
I Love You-570
I Love You-86
I Will Love You Forever - I Will Like You For Always
It Takes Three Seconds To I Love You - Three Hours to Expalin it - And A Life time To Prove it
Shut Up I Love You Ok
I Love You And I Need You Like A Heart Beat

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