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The Best Thing In Life are Not Things They are Moments

The Best Thing In Life are Not Things They are Moments

The Best Thing In Life are Not Things They are Moments

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If I Had My Life to Live Again - I'd Find You Sooner
Life is Like a Camera, Focus on what is Important, Capture The Good Times, Develop From The Negative...
My Life - My Choice - My Problems - My Mistakes - My Lessons- is Not Your Business - Mind Your Own P...
No Life Without Love
Some People Come In Your Life as Blessings - Others Come In Your Life As Lessons-2
Sometimes In Life We Make The Mistake Of Giving Certain People the Places - which They Never Deserve...
The Best Things in Life are Unseen - Thats why We Close Our Eyes - When We Kiss - When We Cry - When...
The Greatest Thing in Life is Finding Someone Who Knows All Your Mistakes And Faults But Still Find ...
The People Who Want to Stay In Your Life will Always Find A Way
You Are My Life Now
Your Life Does Not Get Better By Chance - It Get Better By Change
Life is Too Short Enjoy your Days - Laugh at Every Chance - Cry only if you must - and Never Let Oth...

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