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Be Mine

Be Mine

Be Mine

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A Strong Relationship Starts with Two Brave People Who Are Ready To Sacrifice Anything For One Anoth...
A Successful Marriage Requires Falling in Love Many times - Always With The Same Person
All Relationships Have One Law Never Let the One You Love Feel Alone - Especially When You are there
Being In A Relationship Is a Full-1
Dont Be Afraid To Give Yourself Everything You Have Ever Wanted In life
Keep me Safe While i Sleep
Secrets and Lies Kill Relationship No Matter How Careful You are You Will Get Caught
The Best Feeling in the World is - When You Look at that Special Person - And They Are Already Smili...
Value of A Relation
Yeah I Am Selfish Because I Will Never Share You With Anyone Else-1
I Only Want Two Things In This World - I Want You and I Want Us
Within You I Lose Myself - without you I Find Myself wanting To Become lost Again

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